Donating to the Vaughn Library is supporting our diverse library community. How ever the library improves a day, a life and a community is invaluable. It might be a story that keeps you sane during times of unease or help navigating online forms or just finding some quiet time during the crush of a week among stacks of friendly books. Your gift is leverage to our mission of literacy, information, access and empowerment.  THANK YOU!! You can send a check attention: Sarah Adams 502 Main St West Ashland 5480.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Celebrating a loved one's life through a donation to the library is a wonderful way to remember and give to your community.  Memorials are recognized on book plates as well as on our donor plaque.  To learn more, please see the memorial brochure or contact Sarah Adams 715-685-1668 

The Vaughn Public Library Foundation is another way to create a legacy of giving for your family and community.  

Do you have books or movies to donate?  The library accepts donations of recent books, recorded books on CD, music CDs and DVDs.  Donations should be clean and in good condition.  A rule of thumb is; donate it to the library if you would give it to a friend.  Also, please do not bring more items than you can carry into the library.   Here's more information on donating materials. 

Volunteering at the VPL is a great way to give a little back to your community. Volunteers may shelve books, clean materials and assist the librarians at a program or event.  Please submit a volunteer application, if you are interested.  

Volunteer Application

Student Volunteer Application

Friends & Volunteering Policy