Fine Free


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Why? The library mission is about serving all people of our community.  We want to eliminate as many barriers to service as we can.  Research shows late fees do not impact whether or not books, movies, magazines are returned.  Late fees do inhibit people from accessing the library and its many resources.  We believe everyone is better when they have access to information, books and learning.  Plus, life is busy and kind of challenging, so let’s make some things easier!


No late fees means no late fees.  But, if you lose a book or your pooch eats it, there are still costs to replace missing and damaged materials.  Stop in, call or email & we can work something out.  715-685-1668 or


When you check out library materials, there is still a due date but you will not be charged an overdue fine. This is a sharing place; we know you respect that others might want to read or watch what you have borrowed.  We have zeroed out “old overdues” so if you stopped using the library because of fines, welcome back! Stop in or visit our website to see all the things available to you. Overdue items checked out at other libraries in the Northern Waters Library Network will still carry fines. 


If you don’t return materials on time, you will not be able to check out more items until you have returned the ones that are overdue.  There won’t be any fees on the things returned late (unless you dropped them in the lake).  But, keeping items longer than a month triggers a replacement bill sent to you.  Just bring the stuff back so others can enjoy it too. 


This change directly affects 1794 people, 305 of those are sixteen or younger. 


The Vaughn Library is a sharing place, enriching lives through ever changing avenues, always rooted in community. 

Effective May 2021