Vaughn Building Renewal

It is amazing the Vaughn building still operates as it did 132 years ago.  If fact, this building is the oldest in Wisconsin that was built as a library and is still operating as a library.  

1983 was the last major renovation.  As you may know, the building is overdue for some life-cycle replacements like windows, lighting, floors, doors, wiring and a central HVAC system. Citizens and library leaders have discussed renovating the Vaughn over the last ten years.  Now is the time to pull all those ideas and work together to develop schematic designs to serve as a beginning plan for renewal.   The library board has engaged Engberg Anderson Architects to this end.  Please see their Schematic Design Work Plan to understand this process.  

Architects Alex Ramsey and Joselia Mendiolea presented three draft floor plans for discussion.  After two days of public input, a fourth plan emerged (soon to be posted here). That plan will continue to be refined in the next months.  Below is a shortened version of the presentation and the plans.  

4th Option Plans - includes input from Dec 1 Workshops

Schematic Design Plan - First Set of Floor Plans December 1, 2021

Public Input Sessions Virtually Sept 29, 6:00 pm

The framework for this hour-long session is “Keep, Toss, Create”.  Together, we will identify the spaces and services that are a “must keep” for the library, it wouldn’t be the same without them!  Then consider what services at the VPL are no longer effective or necessary.  And finally, what’s missing? What kinds of space and services should be created to meet community needs?